[Jandek] Albums recorded in order?

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I still hold that Modern Dances was meant to come right after Telegraph Melts but Jandek lost the tape and was forced to put out Follow Your Footsteps instead. When he found the tape, he put it out anyway, creating one of the only discontinuities in the catalouge. If you switch the places of FYF and MD and listen to it all, you can see a logical progression in and out of the various "sounds" he's made over the years, especially in the middle period that was so rich with collaborators, where it's easy to tell when Jandek's solo and when he's got friends- Eddie comes in frequently at one point and sort of dies off, Nancy comes in and out, that shitty-voiced girl shows up and leaves, and in between Jandek records "filler" to lengthen the tapes to sufficient album time- the best example being the first two tracks from On the Way which sound more like they should be on The Rocks Crumble. One Foot in the North seems comprised mostly of this solo "filler"- perhaps it was recorded
 mostly to give Jandek a reason to release the three Eddie tracks on there which must have either been left over or just the only results of a short session, since the rest of that record sounds nothing like those tracks (although it's good in its own way!).     

Sam Eddington <sameddington at hotmail.com> wrote:  So when I wrote Corwood to request the latest catalog, I asked two 
questions. 1) Are the live albums going to be released in the order in which 
they were recorded, and 2) have the albums Corwood has previously released 
been released in the order in which they were recorded?

I got the following response on the back of the catalog in today's mail:

"Intention is to release live albums in order recorded. It's our method."

So perhaps this shines some light, however oblique, on the perennial 
question regarding the order in which the albums were recorded. Taken at 
face value, this seems to imply that the mid-period electric stuff isn't 
actually older than "earlier" acoustic stuff, for instance.

Of course, it's kind of cryptic too, so it's hard to say...


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