[Jandek] Louisville Tom Waits show and his visual similarity to J-Dek

ian nauroth ian.nauroth at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 06:42:10 PDT 2006

I was coincidentally listening to that Tom Waits album this morning, with
particular attention to that song. I don't know that its specifically a
reference to Jandek or how one would even be able to verify such a thing.
the character definitely displays some Jandekian behaviors. Not sure why
he's signaling on the roof but I suppose it could be a metaphor for reaching
out for recognition or something. Either way its a great song that has that
mysterious and eerie quality to it. its gonna be fun to listen to the song
again while picturing the Corwood rep.

- Ian

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> Subject: [Jandek] Louisville Tom Waits show and his visual similarity to
> J-Dek
> I imagine most or all of the recent Tom Waits shows start the same, but
> when I saw him last night in Louisville, there was a large backlit curtain
> through which the band entered before Tom himself came out.  You could make
> out the man with his trademark hat and wagging arms before he actually came
> out.  It was terrific, even though they started 45 minutes late.  I was
> struck then by the numerous similarities between Tom and the Corwood rep:
> ubiquitous hat, plain clothing, similar age, relative reclusivity,a penchant
> for warped "blues", and the overwhelming physical similarity-- they could be
> brothers, or at least cousins.   And what about that song "What's He
> Building In There?" ? Is it indeed a veiled reference to King Corwood, as
> I've heard that it is?
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