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Wed Apr 19 05:41:53 PDT 2006

Thank you for sending me the Jandek digest volume 54 issue 86 which I  
received this morning . I first discovered Jandek on reading Songs in the Key of  Z 
by Irwid Chusid.
I have all his cds apart from the very latest. He is very generous as when  
one of my money orders was stolen on route to him he sent  me around 30 cds  
for nothing and insisted I did not pay.
I live not far from Newcastle upon Tyne in England and saw Jandek at the  
Sage  Music Centre at Gateshead near Newcastle last May 2005. He looked  exactly 
like he does on his later cds. The set was about 40 minutes long with a  base 
player and a drummer. He did not address the audience and just walked off  at 
the end of the set. The set is recorded live on the cd Newcastle  Sunday.
I have several hand written from him, one saying he suffers from  depression.
Hope this is helpful to you.
Please keep in touch.
Michael Tinnion
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