[Jandek] Jandek Fan Ethnography

Lauren Ciechanowski ciechano at stolaf.edu
Wed Apr 12 06:20:12 PDT 2006

Hello guys,
	My name is Lauren Ciechanowski, and I've posted on the list a few times
since joining in December. I've been a Jandek fan for about six months,
and recently completed my collection of Corwood releases; I've finally
finished listening to all of them, too!
	I am also an anthropology major at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN,
and I have become increasingly interested not only in Jandek, but the
participants of this mailing list and how they (we?) use Jandek and the
community as ways of creating meaning and identity.
	As part of a semester-long project I would like to study this mailing
list community, and while I do have an ample amount of information
available through the archives, I would also like your input as fans. I
have attached a brief questionnaire and project information statement
that I would urge you to look over if you are interested in
	Regardless of whether you never post to this list or post daily, simply
the fact that you are receiving this message is enough for me to want
your input. I would be extremely grateful for your decision to complete
the questionnaire.

	Thank you very much,
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