[Jandek] Re: Pre-Units?

Joe Faust boddekker at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 12 05:18:50 PDT 2006

> >> In the Trubee interview he said he'd been in a
> >>few garage bands, but
> >> nothing serious.

> > That's what everybody that was in a 60's garage
> band says. Did he name
> > the
> > bands or say that they released anything?

Considering the current theory that the albums have
been released out of sequence, perhaps some of the
middle period works with the other musicians were
recorded during the garage band period.  It would
explain his reluctance to discuss the other players in
the Trubee interview, especially if the group stuff
was released without the knowledge or consent of the
other players involved. I've long had that theory, and
it does fit with the idea of him being in a garage
band.  Those recording have that garage spirit to
them, too.

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