[Jandek] a few notes on the Anthology Film Archives show

Phil phil at masstransfer.net
Tue Sep 6 22:42:14 PDT 2005

I've just gotten back from three hours of traveling to see Jandek @ AFA,
and I have to get up tomorrow morning, so I'll keep this short, but a few
quick notes from the show:

* The AFA's advisory said we should arrive at 6:30.  People were starting
to queue up as early as 5:15.  However, they didn't let us into the venue
until close to 8:00.

* Jandek performed his entire set on *organ* -- or rather, he was playing
the Hammond organ sound on an electronic keyboard, was it a Korg Trinity?
(Triton?  Tri-something.  I'm tired.)  He had two keyboards, the upper of
which was doubled at the minor sixth;  as he often played in thirds, this
led to lots of surprising augmented chords whenever he reached up top.

* All the songs revolved around the "white keys", generally E Phrygian;
Jandek would play something like a walking bassline with his left hand
while playing a countermelody in the other.  Tempo was pretty steadily in
the 72-75 BPM range -- I'm pretty sure every song hovered around that mark.
By Corwood standards, the music was rhythmically very steady, even at times

* He was accompanied by upright bass, drums, and -- for the first 3/4 of
the set -- electric guitar.  That led, in the last quarter of the set, to
something I would've never thought I'd hear:  a Jandek show that
occasionally sounded a bit like the Necks!

Gotta go to bed.  I enjoyed the show, hope everyone else did too (and I'm
sure others will contribute lyric transcriptions, observations on his stage
demeanor, thoughts on his collaborators, etc.).  Nice to meet a couple
folks from the list -- I'm remembering Rich in particular.  Oh, and I'm
told members of Sonic Youth were in attendance, which was fun to hear.

Good night,

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