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Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Tue Sep 6 11:48:56 PDT 2005

>>>>> "No" == No Help Forthcoming <nil_shok at yahoo.com> writes:

 >> There was no reason to disrespect the representative from Corwood.
 >> He's not an enigma, he's not some mythic or public figure.  He's a
 >> man who's been kind enough to share his work with us, and who is
 >> more than generous to anyone who writes with a question or request.
 >> To interrupt him so rudely was disrespectful enough.

 No> well, you can be discrete. high speed film, no flash-- not only is
 No> it non-disruptive, yr pictures look just like album covers.

 No> but, performing in public makes you a public figure.  ask
 No> prince. jandek is not an eggshell man, he will survive a photo or
 No> two. but don't take photos of him at the bus station-- that's just
 No> being an ass.

I don't get why the bus station is different from the record store...?

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