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Seth, you're absolutely right. A couple of LJ bloggers who are Jandek fans 
have criticized it (see user "nhennies," for one). I thought I made it clear 
in my post about him seeming taken aback that I didn't approve of it, but 
maybe that didn't come through.
 The fact of the matter is, it's not right to go up and take a picture of 
someone you don't know, without their permission, and post it on the 
internet. Legal, probably, but wrong in every important way. There was no 
reason to disrespect the representative from Corwood. He's not an enigma, 
he's not some mythic or public figure. He's a man who's been kind enough to 
share his work with us, and who is more than generous to anyone who writes 
with a question or request. To interrupt him so rudely was disrespectful 
enough. Posting it on the internet is horrifying.
 And as for the photos and stuff on your site, Seth, that's comparing apples 
to oranges. The site is respectful and well-maintained, and it's clear that 
its only reason for existence is to share an appreciation and understanding 
of Jandek. It's a wonderful resource and I'm sure Corwood is quite honored 
by your work.

 On 9/3/05, Seth Tisue <seth at tisue.net> wrote: 
> >>>>> "Sharif" == Sharif Mansour <stampid.mouse at gmail.com> writes:
> Sharif> WTF. I shop at that place all the freaking time. Jandek DOES
> Sharif> realize he has fans. This sort of thing shouldnt be a problem
> Sharif> for him, I wouldnt think.
> Maybe. I don't think I would have snapped the pictures without
> permission, and if I had I might have shown them to friends but wouldn't
> have put them on the freaking internet. (I'm assuming the photographer
> didn't have permission.) I wouldn't have done it with any other
> (non-mega-celebrity) musician either, let alone someone like Jandek who
> is pretty clearly the extreme case of someone it's uncool to do this to.
> I hope people don't keep doing things like this. I'm kind of surprised
> I'm the first one to post here and say so -- tell me, am I overreacting?
> I'm really not sure and I'm wondering what other people think.
> I notice that one of the two pictures has already been removed.
> (Now admittedly, there are pictures on my site that were taken without
> permission, not to mention information [though not actual links to] live
> MP3s that were recorded without permission... but those photos and
> recordings are from a concert, not from Jandek's trip to the record
> store or the grocery store, so it feels like more of a gray area to me,
> one I've decided I don't mind crossing into. I'd remove the photos if
> Corwood asked, but they haven't.)
> (In other news, somebody I won't name recently tried to post some
> personal information about Jandek to the list, I mean, nothing so very
> personal, just some small things you could learn without talking to him
> if you happened to see him around Houston. But I didn't approve the
> post -- at least, I wrote the poster and asked them if they really
> wanted me to approve it, and they haven't responded.)
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