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Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Sat Sep 3 17:24:09 PDT 2005

>>>>> "Sharif" == Sharif Mansour <stampid.mouse at gmail.com> writes:

 Sharif> WTF. I shop at that place all the freaking time.  Jandek DOES
 Sharif> realize he has fans. This sort of thing shouldnt be a problem
 Sharif> for him, I wouldnt think.

Maybe.  I don't think I would have snapped the pictures without
permission, and if I had I might have shown them to friends but wouldn't
have put them on the freaking internet.  (I'm assuming the photographer
didn't have permission.)  I wouldn't have done it with any other
(non-mega-celebrity) musician either, let alone someone like Jandek who
is pretty clearly the extreme case of someone it's uncool to do this to.
I hope people don't keep doing things like this.  I'm kind of surprised
I'm the first one to post here and say so -- tell me, am I overreacting?
I'm really not sure and I'm wondering what other people think.

I notice that one of the two pictures has already been removed.

(Now admittedly, there are pictures on my site that were taken without
permission, not to mention information [though not actual links to] live
MP3s that were recorded without permission... but those photos and
recordings are from a concert, not from Jandek's trip to the record
store or the grocery store, so it feels like more of a gray area to me,
one I've decided I don't mind crossing into.  I'd remove the photos if
Corwood asked, but they haven't.)

(In other news, somebody I won't name recently tried to post some
personal information about Jandek to the list, I mean, nothing so very
personal, just some small things you could learn without talking to him
if you happened to see him around Houston.  But I didn't approve the
post -- at least, I wrote the poster and asked them if they really
wanted me to approve it, and they haven't responded.)

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