[Jandek] my jandek orgy....

CJ Marsicano sempai at cjmarsicano.com
Wed Oct 26 13:51:16 PDT 2005

Penn Jillette does narration on "Mark Of The Mole" and the live Mole
Show "bootleg" that was recorded in L.A. - that was actually after the
Ralph Records Radio Show album that derived from Jillette's motel stay.

On Oct 26, 2005, at 2:58 PM, Sharif Mansour wrote:

> And the whole thing with Penn Jillette was a hoax to begin with. He
> appeared on at least one of those albums.
> On 25 Oct 2005 19:35:10 -0700, CJ Marsicano <sempai at cjmarsicano.com>
> wrote:
>> Yeah, only the Cryptic Corporation locked Jillette in a hotel room
>> across the street from the Ralph building...
>> On Oct 25, 2005, at 2:07 AM, Bunk wrote:
>>> Sounds like Penn Jillette's experience with the entirety
>>> of the Ralph Records catalog!

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