[Jandek] Religion

Phil Harwell paharwell at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 26 10:43:12 PDT 2005

> the glasgow cover has this same quality of being of
> no era in particular as well and/or sometime ago.  
> this is key to the jandek genius.  it's so anonymous
> at times, like you said about the world book encycs.
>  part of his appeal for me is -- not to put too fine
> a point on it -- the spaced out quality i remember
> from buzzing out in class and just staring at the
> photos in textbooks.

Yes, I agree with that appeal.  Glasgow Sunday's cover
could have been taken this year, or 1985 for all we
know.  (perhaps a clue could be taken from the cars on
the cover, but can you see them that clearly?)  The
same could be said of alot of the pictures.  Some of
course are more dated (like say, "Kingdom"), but that
timeless quality applies on a lot of them.  I also
enjoy looking through old encyclopedias and textbooks.

Do any *normal* people listen to Jandek?  ;)


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