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i like the blue very much, too.  i like the way it has this sort of 1950s-1970s printing quality to the blue field.  the other "muslim theme" pillbox hat RDD cover has a more 21st century look to it.

islam embraces the other two sky father big city desert religions from the area -- namely judaism and christianity -- as being "of the book." 

"of the book" has a sort of jandek ring to it.

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> aint it a bit weird, how aload of people where
> going on about his religion, and then he picks too 
> covers to suggest hes a muslim, or converted to
> muslim.

Yet he does sing "Jesus, take my will," which I don't
think any Muslim would ever say (given my limited
understanding of the religion).

> hey, that gives me the idea for the next
> album title... and the title track..." ;)

I like the blue tint of Khartoum's cover.  It look'd
kinda weird at first, but it's grown on me.  (Although
I will admit to keep thinking "Kartoon" when I look at
the title.)


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