[Jandek] London gig: "Wrapped in puzzle"

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Mon Oct 24 13:30:54 PDT 2005

Blog review of the London gig in Japanese here, including some small photos.
A Babelfish translation of the relevant parts follows: seems ambivalent, but
I can't be sure... : /
  "Jandek - When just a little just we explain because of the one which is
not known, to record the album 1978 ever since 40 or more, the Texas man who
that it has not done is ライヴ, can be wrapped in puzzle. The he last year,
Instal Festival which is held in the English Glasgow (small-scale フェス of
experimental type. The sub title of HP has become 'Brave New Music'.) First
live performance, (it is the case that it disturbs) the music circle of part
so as a secret guest. Knowing with レヴュー which is published to magazine MOJO
with the photograph entering, me who became firm with the bookstore. (It is,
it is browsing.) - It is the て to say, I do, even that music being not to
know, but about the notion that where it is the incident where that is
outrageous it is the case that it is conjectured simply. Buying the トリビュート
board which comes out of Summersteps to 2000, as for the opportunity which
knows that existence, but hears the sound of this person that now until now
it was not. This October 14-16th again there being a sweat of performance
and promoter Upset The Rhythm and effort of the tear in Instal which was
done on, however (intellectual viewing) openly the London first performance
tonight is the case that it has become the carrying which is done. In the
association, tonight seems life 8th raw. The て with reason, you were
disgusted and the ゃ witnessed and kana, with you went with the paste which
is said, is. In association, other 2 group Instal performance band. " .....
"Before the Jandek appearing also the customer almost being seated. When
キョロキョロ it has done, him who has risen to stage in the guitar one hand. It
sits down swiftly, it begins performance without either one word. Sitting
down in the chair, indifferent him who continues performance. Being novelty,
you did not understand well in me who have come whether it is the music
where honest this how is splendid. Properly, you have not inquired about the
work it is with unconditionally, being not to be able to say, it does, but.
When it is the performance this by another person, it probably will become
with utmost effort to everyone here? With you hold just a little doubt. If
and, the lyric understands entirely, with sigh comes out. Again, if there is
an opportunity which views him to, that time just a little, with the eye
which is different it probably can experience with the ear? Naturally as
been everyone Jandek aim, the foolish customer = approximately 3 parts which
immediately quickly go away from the meeting place where at that performance
ends 1. (The ま, I did several degrees the same thing however.. ) "
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