[Jandek] Instal experience

Markus Metsälä markus.metsala at helsinki.fi
Thu Oct 20 13:35:58 PDT 2005

The facts about the two Instal performaces have already been posted but
maybe I can offer some of my thoughts as well.

The friday set was just amazing. This was my first live Jandek experience
and my feelings ranged from "holy fuck this is really happening" to "god
damn, it's better than I ever expected". Really beautiful music that sounded
exactly like Jandek even though there were couple of other people involved
as well. It felt like a Corwood release, that's the best way I can put it.
Mesmerizing stuff.

The two pieces on Sunday were more of a curiosity, as fas as I'm concerned.
First one was better, Loren Mazzacane Connors's athmospheric guitar fit
quite  nicely with the poem/song Jandek was doing. As somebody said, the
lyrics in the recited text had a distinct science fiction feel to them, I
was thinking of aliens and abductions. Lyrically this was the most literal
Jandek I've heard so far. The second piece where Jandek played the drums was
ok and fine but for some reason it just didn't feel like "Jandek". Also, it
was a bit too long.

Anyway, a great festival. Seeing Jandek was awesome and there were plenty of
other amazing artists as well. Now I'm looking forward to seeing Jandek on
hy home ground here in Helsinki...


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