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Tue Oct 18 21:46:51 PDT 2005

I had sent Jandek a duplicate copy of Loren Connors and Alan Licht's
Colloden Harvest (still sealed - this came from road cone by mistake years,
years ago - believe it came with the then new "evangaline").  I was trying
to think when this was recently, and after locating the note back from
Corwood I confirmed it was actually just this past Spring.  I was returning
a defective recent Jandek CD and thought I'd thow something in and make a
few comments about Loren's music (noting "I'm sure you are familiar,
possibly have even know).  The only response back was "thanks for all."

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Personal anecdote: when I downloaded the first Instal gig (that was before
the release of Glasgow Sunday) I realised it lasted more or less 60 minutes,
and i decided to fill the 15 minutes blank at the end of the cd-r with a
little something i had lying on the computer. It was a 13 minutes Loren
Mazzacane Conor piece! Funny that a year later, both of them play together
at the same festival. So I was the one who got them together! Or maybe
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