[Jandek] UPDATE: The Third Annual Open Mic Jandek Cover Night (Pittsburgh)

Maurice Rickard maurice at mac.com
Tue Oct 11 17:53:22 PDT 2005

OK, we have a definite time, and we now have a change of venue.  It's 
still Kiva Han, but this is the *Forbes & Meyran* Kiva Han, the one 
down in the South Oakland business district/hospital district. 
Actually this is a kind of homecoming, as we had the 2003 one in that 
room, and it was quite a special evening.

When: Jandek Day (Saturday, 11/5/05), 8PM-whenever
Where: Kiva Han coffee house, at Forbes Ave. & Meyran Ave. in the 
Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA.
Who: Anyone who shows up willing to cover a Jandek tune, or at least 
willing to watch.
How much:  Free, but buy something to show your support for this fine 
independent business and help grease the wheels for next time.

Can't remember the lyrics?  No problem--I'll have a browser open to 
Seth's lyrics page.  Not sure of your singing abilities?  No problem, 
either--we can drench you in reverb.  Afraid of crowds?  Come on 
down--it's a small, intimate room.

Because of the small room, we don't need a full PA.  Instead, I'll be 
bringing a couple small Pignose 20 amps I've been using in my gigs 
accompanying belly dancers (seriously).  The Pignose amps will be 
more than good for that room.  For the same reason, full bands won't 
fit, but we can accommodate solo acts and duos.  I'll have mics and a 
stand or two.  You should probably bring your own instrument, though. 
I'll record the whole evening, and later we can get you CDs.

So don't be shy--if you're in Pittsburgh, come on down to the Forbes 
and Meyran Kiva Han (http://tinyurl.com/996eo) at 8PM on Jandek Day, 
Saturday 11/5.  All


Maurice Rickard
http://mauricerickard.com/   |   http://onezeromusic.com/

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