[Jandek] additional jandek performance added in glasgow (instal '05)

Nancy Novotny nan at io.com
Fri Oct 7 09:09:11 PDT 2005


i'm pretty new to the list, and this is my first post.  apologies if  
this info has already been posted--my email's been acting a little  
wonky, and i feel like i might have missed some messages this  
morning.  anyway, i hope barry esson won't mind me forwarding  
portions of the message he sent to the instal '05 mailing list today:


First off, we've added an additional, short performance by Jandek on the
Sunday night of the festival.  it features new collaborations, and is
born our of a mutual respect; it should be very special and I hope some
of you can make it along.

. . .

While writing, I'll note the line up again.  Thanks for your support,
and I do humbly hope some of you can make it along both to the festival
next weekend and the fringe events, starting this Wednesday [gulp -
seems very soon].

Regards [warmest]: B

Instal 05
Brave New Music
The Arches, Glasgow

Black Boned Angel

Tetuzi Akiyama
Birchville Cat Motel
directing hand
Rauhan Orkesteri
Sun City Girls

Ingar Zach + Rhodri Davies
Tom Bruno
Loren Mazzacane Connors + Alan Licht
Henri Chopin
Chie Mukai
Pauline Oliveros + David Dove


new collaborations borne out of mutual respect, eh?  sounds  
interesting!  i also hope that maybe, just maybe this means that the  
first performance by jandek at the festival will feature an older  
collaboration, specifically jandek with richard youngs and alex  
neilson.  i'm a HUGE richard youngs fan, but i'm becoming quite an  
alex neilson fan, too.  (i just got richard and alex's own  
collaborative lp, "beating stars," and, while not really jandekian,  
it is truly divine.)

incidentally, i live in houston, but i am traveling to glasgow  
specifically to see jandek and the instal festival.   (i do love the  
irony of this!)  i have tickets to the london show, too, and am  
really looking forward to that one.  i have yet to see a jandek live  
performance.  i missed out on tickets to the austin show, then i had  
tickets to the ill-fated new orleans show, but we all know what  
happened there.  so why not glasgow and london, i say?

best to all,

nancy novotny

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