[Jandek] "Your Other Man" Remix Update possibly maybe

Jeff Grimshaw jgrimshaw at blast.net
Wed Nov 30 18:03:51 PST 2005

Well, after I posted a message last month where I mentioned the remix of "Your Other Man" by Secret Frequency Crew, someone purporting to be a representative of SFC emailed to thank me for my interest in the Jandek remix project and asked for my mailing address so he could send me updates about it. What I got in the mail today was a photocopy of a handwritten note reading "We will not be contributing photos. You should proceed with other artwork ideas. 10-25-05" To my not-particularly-well-practiced eye it looks to be the familiar scrawl of Our Man in Texas, but judge for yourselves. A jpeg is posted at http://grimshaw.jeff.tripod.com/jandekphotonote.jpg

And a jpeg of the original note about the remix, the one that was handed out to folks on line at the Anthology Film Archives show this summer, is at

jgrimshaw at blast.net

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