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There was a set of 10 or so MP3s making the rounds a couple of years ago on
some file sharing sites as an "unreleased" Jandek album.  I remember
downloading them and figuring out that, though somewhat in the Jandek style,
they were clearly fakes.  I deleted the files...anyone else remember seeing


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> While I'm writing, I have to ask - why go to the
> trouble of doing a remix of faux Jandek when there's
> so much great material from the original?  Look at Lee
> Rosevere's remix of "Lavender" as an example.

Thank you, I was unaware of that.  I listened to it, loved it, and got
Lee Rosevere's permission to post it on the soundclick site, which I
have done.

I have also invited him to remix anything on the site, so see if he
would give legitimacy to the idea of remixing faux Jandek.  He is open
to the idea.

I have also gotten permission from Beverly Posuiy to post the
original, unremixed faux Jandek track "I Went Down."

I am quite amazed to see all the traffic the site has attracted...
more than any of my other Soundclick sites. I can only conclude that
even after 43 albums, and global barnstorming, the taste for Jandek
material (even material clearly identified as fake Jandek) is

I have expanded the concept to include Jandek tributes and covers, as
well as fakes. I hope to have some interesting stuff up soon.

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