FW: [Jandek] what is the status of his health?

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Fri Nov 25 15:10:17 PST 2005

My theory on why Jandek came out of hiding is this: he's getting older now, 
he has assumedly retired, and got an offer to play that that Instal festival at 
around the same time as the documentary was coming out.   Perhaps he figured 
simply figured that now was a better time than ever.   One can interpret the 
CDs he has put out in the last few years as indicative of some kind of a change 
within him-worthless recluse, the end of it all-and perhaps he found his 
enigma to be too stifling and decided to put himself in an uncomfortable situation 
and use his art as a means of betterment as opposed to a narration of his 
inner struggles.   The issue of his frailty reminds me a bit of Kafka's the 
Hunger Artist.   Hell, in my imagination, Jandek IS a lot like the central 
character to that story: his art is informed by his lack of comfort with aspects of 
the world that so many people are able to navigate with such apparent ease.   
Maybe he's finally decided to step out of the cage and have a taste....
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