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head up arse?

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> >Is it a bluff?
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> I will say that I am in no way a fan of Jandek. I find him quite
> annoying. That said, I enjoy difficult music and I especially enjoy
> understanding any music and the artist that presents it. I went to see
> Jandek live in Austin Texas precisely so I could ascertain if the last
> thirty years (or however long it has been) of oddities was really
> meaningful to him.
> Of course, as I have said before here (at least I think I have since I
> don't see my posts to the list), the Austin show was a big let down
> for me, but only in terms of the artists chosen to accompany Jandek. I
> had to spend half the show coming to terms with the vagaries of the
> performance, but by the end of the show, I did feel that Jandek was
> not pretending, and that Jandek was one of those musicians so far
> beyond our pop culture that even these backup musicians were left in
> the dust.
> I used to perform in a band in Houston in the mid 80's that did
> exactly the kind of music I saw/heard that night in Austin - but our
> sounds were without the Jandek influence. We performed as a joke and
> led people on that we thought we were real and very good. We used to
> sit around at parties in those days and play tapes of our
> performances, again to try to convince people we were really into our
> sound and music.
> Our band had a revolving set of members, many who had no idea how to
> play the instruments they were playing, but just wanted to be on stage
> in a band. When the music started at the Jandek show in Austin, I was
> hearing in my mind one of those old performances of that 80's band I
> was in, but one of the performances I found extrememly unappealing
> (believe me, after hearing those tapes over and over, I came to hear
> some of the improvisations as better than the others, and so did the
> other members of the band). Thus, at first I was completely depressed
> that this appeared to be the same schtick we used to do 20 years ago.
> But as I made myself focus on the specifics of the performance, I came
> to realize where the differences lay.
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