[Jandek] Why are they the least liked?

Dave Parent dave9199 at lycos.com
Tue Nov 8 03:10:46 PST 2005

Even though myself and someone else have been the first 2 to list their least favorites, I'd like to know why they are least favorites considering that albums can sound the same and all. Mine were, in order,

1. The Door Behind
2. The End Of It All

Basically, it's the same reason for both: the lyrics in some songs about a love interest or a flowering relationship. His lyrics don't create any feel or imagery at all. I don't think he's had much practice at writing about love. I like the guitar effect on The End Of It All, but the lyrics, for me, are more difficult to listen to than the acapella albums are for some others. He sounds emotionally stunted on this topic. The proof of that are 2 songs on The Door Behind: Every Sentence & Gate Strikes One. Every Sentence is just too pleading & desperate (I like when he sounds desperate, but this topic leaves a lot to be desired). The worst song from Jandek in my opinion is Gate Strikes One. Sounds completely literal and like a high school aged person wrote the lyrics, yet I will never skip over these songs because I'm learning to appreciate them, though my opinion won't change of them (At times, One Of Those Moments from The End Of It All, lyrically, sounds like it was from the exact same situation as described in Gate Strikes One). Sterling Smith in love? I wish him the best. I'd like to hear songs about this if his style improves with practice.

Also the dry sound of these recording really makes the music & lyrics more unappealing. When listening to Glasgow Sunday, I realized Smith needs a boomy-reverby sound to help create an atmosphere for his current style. But then again, no room reverb is a atmosphere.


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