[Jandek] Top 10 Jandek albums voted by you the fans!

leo fabriek leo at barakken.nl
Mon Nov 7 08:23:05 PST 2005

Be sure to include Corwood's top 20:

>Hey Dek-heads.

>The box from Corwood arrived on Friday, a day I barely remember as I 
>was laid up and delirious with about the worst flu I've had in twenty 
>years.  Over the weekend I got into it and was giddy with the 
>discovery.  You may or may not recall, I sent the order with no 
>particular expectations.  "You pick" was the note I sent with my check.

>What I got back was, I think, as close to an admitted "Best of" as 
>possible in such an unusual body of work.  There are no discernible 
>patterns to be seen, and no evidence of random pulling.  I think this 
>was a well-thought out and lovingly assembled retrospective.

>Here's what I got:

>0739 ready for the house UPC
>0740 six and six UPC
>0742 chair beside a window
>0746 the rocks crumble
>0747 interstellar discussion
>0749 foreign keys
>0753 blue corpse UPC
>0754 you walk alone UPC
>0757 somebody in the snow UPC
>0759 lost cause UPC
>0761 graven image UPC
>0763 white box requiem (OLDER PRESSING/FONT VARIANT)
>0766 the beginning
>0767 put my dream on this planet
>0770 i threw you away UPC
>0772 the place UPC
>0774 shadow of leaves UPC
>0775 the end of it all UPC
>0777 a kingdom he likes UPC
>0778 when i took that train UPC

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