[Jandek] Top 10 Jandek albums voted by you the fans!

Fabio R. pippus at fastwebnet.it
Mon Nov 7 07:27:51 PST 2005

top 10

Blue Corpse (1987)
Six and Six (1981)
You Walk Alone (1988) 
Interstellar Discussion (1984) 
Living in a Moon So Blue (1982) 
Glad to Get Away (1994) 
Telegraph Melts (1986) 
Follow Your Footsteps (1986) 
White Box Requiem (1996) 
One Foot in the North (1991) 
Glasgow Sunday (2005) 


A Kingdom He Likes (2004) 
When I Took That Train (2005) 

bye, Fab

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