[Jandek] Top 10 Jandek albums voted by you the fans!

Dave Parent dave9199 at lycos.com
Mon Nov 7 02:34:24 PST 2005

Favorites in chronilogical order:

1. Ready for The House
2. Chair Beside A Window
3. Follow Your Footsteps
4. Blue Corpse
5. You Walk Alone
6. Lost Cause
7. Graven Image
8. The Beginning
9. This Narrow Road
10. I Threw You Away
11. Glasgow Sunday

I thought it would be interesting to have least favorites on here also.

Least favorites in opinion:

1. The Door Behind
2. The End Of It All

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Subject: [Jandek] Top 10 Jandek albums voted by you the fans!
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I want to compile a Top10 list of what members of this list's favourite 
albums are just to get a consensus on what might be the 'best' album. I'm not 
sure if this has been done before, but I thought I'd give it a shot. The guy 
has such a huge catalogue that there's got to be at least 10 albums you 
really like. Anyway feel free to email me your favourites and I'll compile 
the list in about 2-3 weeks time based on responses.


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