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Well you don't have to like Jandek to post here. Let's not start getting into gradations of fanhood. Don't forget that one of the most important figures in the progression of the Corwood legend is Irwin Chusid, a guy who's done nothing but mock the dude from day one. Besides, I think the point that Jandek must prove himself to be independent of his fast-dying mystique is a very valid one- it's something everyone who thinks he or she is a fan must consider: do I really like this, or do I just like the idea of it?

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As for Rufus Wainwright, you say "who (sic) 99% of his career exists because you know why." Well, we know why YOU think so. So why don't you just come out and say it? Go ahead. Call him a faggot. Us faggots (including someone EXTREMELY CENTRAL to this list) can handle it.

>> Please don't put words into my mouth or anything else for that matter. So I WILL COME OUT AND SAY IT. RUFUIS >>WAINWRIGHTS CAREER IS 99% DEPENDENT ON HIS HOMOSEXUALITY  IMHO. Now that's off my chest, let me reitterate >>the wise words of Gene Simmons from KISS, "Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one."

>>SO lets re-iterate your World-Class opinion shall we, Please click here anyone  (if you got be bothered)  to read Kevin's >>fantastically clever analysis and ultimate DISSING of not only  Jandek's 'A Kingdom he likes', but his fans as well :


>>So as a crtique of this critical piece, I ask you Kevin, why do you  ultimately  post here? I mean do you even LIKE Jandek's >>music in any way?

>>Personally I find Jandek's mystique compelling, and I figger part of his appeal and secrecy is it allows his msuic and persona to >>be MANY THINGS to many DIFFERENT people, unlike your wise analysis that is so obsessed with ONE THING ( lemme say it:  
>>  hiscrypto-sexuality and even that of his fans, according some of yr wise wordings, have you got any other 'original' ideas
>> sweetie?). Imagination is an important component of artifice, but hey, critics aren't supposed to have imaginations, coz we all
>> know they aren't ARTISTS (and never will be)

>>And finally, never once do you ever talk about his MUSIC in the piece.Amdist all the hunky-dory X-files naval-gazing >>-secret-hadshakes-and-uncertain-glances are some terrific original works that stand tall in their own fuggen right - even today.
>> I mean what sort of 'rock critic' are you if you can't impart the *feeling* of MUSIC?? 

One more thing. I have the cojones to sign all my missives. You should too, tough guy.


>> Tech allows a cyber-one. From your amorous curious gaze via yr writings, yr prolly a (boy) slut with herpes. Thankfully i'll 
>> never hafta know!


>> Sure, on the Internet -  YUVAL LEGENDTOFSKI -  remember the name I'm not out for a career as a hack like yrself, 
>> coz  Kevin Bozelka doesn't have as 'sexy' a ring to it, does it now? TOUCHE. And I'll leave it at that, thank you. Enjoy your life. =:)
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