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Subject: [Jandek] ITEM: gay/proud/loud bloke from Village Voice okay with
Jandek bootlegs

As for Rufus Wainwright, you say "who (sic) 99% of his career exists because
you know why." Well, we know why YOU think so. So why don't you just come
out and say it? Go ahead. Call him a faggot. Us faggots (including someone
EXTREMELY CENTRAL to this list) can handle it.

>> Please don't put words into my mouth or anything else for that matter. So
HIS HOMOSEXUALITY IMHO. Now that's off my chest, let me reitterate >>the
wise words of Gene Simmons from KISS, "Opinions are like assholes,
everybody's got one."

>>SO lets re-iterate your World-Class opinion shall we, Please click here
anyone (if you got be bothered) to read Kevin's >>fantastically clever
analysis and ultimate DISSING of not only Jandek's 'A Kingdom he likes', but
his fans as well :


>>So as a crtique of this critical piece, I ask you Kevin, why do you
ultimately post here? I mean do you even LIKE Jandek's >>music in any way?

>>Personally I find Jandek's mystique compelling, and I figger part of his
appeal and secrecy is it allows his msuic and persona to >>be MANY THINGS to
many DIFFERENT people, unlike your wise analysis that is so obsessed with
ONE THING ( lemme say it:
>> hiscrypto-sexuality and even that of his fans, according some of yr wise
wordings, have you got any other 'original' ideas
>> sweetie?). Imagination is an important component of artifice, but hey,
critics aren't supposed to have imaginations, coz we all
>> know they aren't ARTISTS (and never will be)

>>And finally, never once do you ever talk about his MUSIC in the
piece.Amdist all the hunky-dory X-files naval-gazing
>>-secret-hadshakes-and-uncertain-glances are some terrific original works
that stand tall in their own fuggen right - even today.
>> I mean what sort of 'rock critic' are you if you can't impart the
*feeling* of MUSIC??

One more thing. I have the cojones to sign all my missives. You should too,
tough guy.


>> Tech allows a cyber-one. From your amorous curious gaze via yr writings,
yr prolly a (boy) slut with herpes. Thankfully i'll
>> never hafta know!


>> Sure, on the Internet - YUVAL LEGENDTOFSKI - remember the name I'm not
out for a career as a hack like yrself,
>> coz Kevin Bozelka doesn't have as 'sexy' a ring to it, does it now?
TOUCHE. And I'll leave it at that, thank you. Enjoy your life. =:)
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