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Wed Nov 2 06:22:40 PST 2005

Jandek's recent live work has been vastly superior to any recent releases in my opinion, and certain performances such as The Cell and the Instal 05 Sunday set w/ Loren Conners are equal to anything released up until now.  Because of this, I think people bootlegging shows is legitimate, since with Jandek yr getting a different kind of set every night.  
I also think that this is a good argument for releasing these sets as live records.  Someone recently asked "Will you just continue buying Jandek live releases?"  and I think the answer should be yes.  I think people's idea of Jandek's music is stunted by what is currently being put out which I dont think represents the unbelievable quality of the recent live shows.  The guitar/bass/drums sets are great, but the spoken word and piano sets have been amazing.
If they come out, buy them - you will not be disappointing.  Word from someone with a volcanic tongue is that the DVDs will also feature other sets from May.  This has not been confirmed to me by Mr J, but I think this may be true.  

"VERMIN" by Stephen Ritchie

Available November 30th from www.singlecellpress.co.uk


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