[Jandek] Glasgow friday........more news!

iris short i.short at homecall.co.uk
Wed Nov 2 05:42:46 PST 2005

Hi! Just thought i would mention a couple more things that occured during jandeks performance on the 14th of october.
On a couple of songs, jandek started  by playing the rhythm guitar part that appears on the song "tell me who you are" From "somebody in the snow" At one point i swore he was going to start singing "i had a dream" But he didnt! After a few seconds he switched back to playing randomly.
Also on one song jandek kept singing that he was a "slave to the rhythm" Which reminded me of the grace jones song of same title..........obviosly jandeks version was errrm VERY different!
Sorry i didnt mention these things before!
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