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Fri May 27 05:37:13 PDT 2005

Hey James, somehow I agree with you and understand your point. I just thought some people might have been curious to know how to play some Jandek songs. It's true that a note for note rendition of a Jandek song (or in fact any song by anyone) is quite ridiculous. But it was fun to try European Jewel on my guitar and amp in the rehersal room last week, waiting to see if my bandmates would react or something (no reaction of course).
Thanks for all the reports about the shows! It is indeed a great time to be a (new) Jandek fan! And cool to see Jandek playing a made-in-Québec Godin guitar, I'm kind of proud to be a Quebecer now...
"no plan quebec
nice province, though"
- from the latest package I received from Corwood

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