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Hello there,
Thanks for the little explanation about tritone, that was interesting. The tritone, for me, is mostly associated with canadian thrash band Voivod; their guitar player, Denis "Piggy" D'amour, is some kind of underrated genius who uses a lot of tritone chords in his playing. The best exemple is the opening of "Psychic Vacuum", there's this tritone riff that sounds as if he was drilling your brain, or something. Jandek uses the same chord at the begining of Glasgow Sunday.
And speaking of guitar and music theory, wouldn't it be nice if Seth's site (which is one of the greatest, most complete website about an artist I have ever seen) had a guitar tablature section? There's already a lyrics section. I was thinking about that this weekend, while strumming on my guitar and accidentaly finding how to play European Jewel...
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