[Jandek] my box o 20'

Matthew Malone matthew.g.malone at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 08:37:03 PST 2005

yeah, a good bit of stuff downloaded so i was somewhat aware of what i
was getting.

but yeah some of the best shit i ever heard. blue corpse, you walk
alone, on the way.....i listened to track two on somebody in the snow
a good 10 times.... so does any of his post lost cause stuff have the
slightest similarity to that stuff?,,,i got  begining, kingdom he
likes, a few other more recent ones but havent listened to them very

that track two on somebody in the snow and you walk alone to me
deffinatley sounds acid inspired. anyone else get that impression?

Also do you think Jandek may have aspergers? He's a savant, the anti
social, feeling different vibe all fits the bill. oh plus some of
tendencys almost seem like ocd which often is common with aspergers..
i might write more on that when i listen to more of the lyrics...

anyway i think its cool that he's doing more stuff. the new cover
looks great. i hope that he does more musical stuff, the some what
free association strung out stuff seems almost lazy to me like theres
no effort (ha, i guess im not an authentic fan then). i do like his
early stuff like that though, the latter just doesnt do much, seem
very interesting to me.


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