[Jandek] offense has nothing to do with music

Brobish brobish at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 16 16:52:35 PST 2005

I think Moulty's posts were hilarious.  I totally
laughed out loud because it just shows that he/she
knows this entire body of Jandek trivia AND it was
damned funny.

I love any kind of music that is interesting -- so if
it's interesting to me, I could never be insulted by
anybody else's opinion on the matter.  I recently
purchased Jandek's "A Kingdom He Likes" along with the
latest Duran Duran album "Astronaut" and a Mahler
symphony and the clerk said that was one of the most
schizoid selections he'd ever seen.  I think it was
Gary Pig Gold (?) from the film that said, "If you
don't get it within the first thirty seconds you're
never going to get it."  

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