[Jandek] the famous trubee interview

Bunk bunk at thefoolish.com
Sun Mar 13 16:27:58 PST 2005

--- Ludo Maas wrote:
> Trubee.. is or was a musician? anyone familiar with his work? what's the

Yes, Trubee was/is a musician.  I had heard of him long before I ever heard
of Jandek. Trubee is most famous for "A Blind Man's Penis", which was a song
he wrote & then sent in to one of those "we'll record your song" companies
that you'll find in the classifieds of a lot of magazines. He's also made
many a prank phone call which were captured on tape and then released on
cassettes over the years... he's also done a lot of noisy/experimental stuff
as well.


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