[Jandek] the famous trubee interview

Ludo Maas multi-panel at unschooled.com
Sun Mar 13 11:45:16 PST 2005

hello all,
i finally listened to THE special feature of the corwood dvd, the trubee interview. amazing interview, both Jandek & Trubee seem to be very friendly persons.
2 questions popped into my mind,
most importantly (and as usual, i bet it has been discussed before, but someone please repeat the possibly short answer)
"so, did Trubee finish the article? he got Interstellar Discussion in time? was the article published in Spin anyway? Is it online to read somewhere (I immediately checked if it would be on the special features of the dvd.. but it ain't, right?)
Secondly and this is a question I could google as well, but if someone likes to talk about the subject, he or she can have a go.. Trubee.. is or was a musician? anyone familiar with his work? what's the style?

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