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Oh yeah, the snark's definitely intended. It just depends on how much it annoys you.

Allen Rendel <arendel at ripco.com> wrote:Here is an excerpt from the Pitchfork review of the True Believer 2005 Music
Issue: For those who aren't too proud, the whole article can be found at

"If you're not already aware of it, The Believer is the life partner of Dave
Eggers' literary journal McSweeney's, a monthly collection of essays,
reviews, interviews, and somewhat random columns. Populated by the likes of
Nick Hornby, Rick Moody, artist Charles Burns, and the occasional Sedaris,
it rather quickly and effortlessly assumed the position of periodical
meeting place for the young, hip, and literary. Given that we aspire to be
all of the above, you might imagine that a lot of Pitchfork staffers are on
the subscription rolls of The Believer, and if it didn't cost so much, you'd
be right.

Nevertheless, the mutual publication love party only goes so far. The
Believer planted its flag on the lit-crit scene with an essay by
editor-in-chief Heidi Julavits declaring an end to "snark," the practice of
being a big mean bully hiding behind a byline and an artsy NYTBR
illustration. Pitchfork, of course, is The House that Snark Built, and
you'll have to pry the snark out of our Cold. Dead. Haaaaaands. Due to our
different territories, these irreconcilable differences aren't a problem 11
months out of the year, but every June an invading party is sent with The
Believer Music Issue and its accompanying compact disc supplement."

Well, it may not make you like Pitchfork any better, but at least they are

Allen Rendel

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