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I was very drunk when i wrote this out. i had one eye closed when i was reading it back. but it does seem like an idea that could work. Theres no tv stations over here (in england) that would broadcast something like that (probably), but i know there are Cable tv stations in America that might do it (or did i just watch Waynes World too much when i was kid? when....?) 
i Will sit on the idea. Maybe do it in a few years. A few mates of mine are into making films. And  1 really likes Jandek, and the other really wants to hear some. 
But if anyone knows of anyone weird tv channels that would actually do it, let me know, and i will send them the idea. In more detail. 
One thing i forgot to write in the other post was The reason i wanted to call it Hilltop Serendade, is cause "The House" should be up on a hill. But now i think just calling it "The House" would be better. 
Well, keep a look out. Maybe one day....it will happen.....


Whatever you Wanadoo:

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