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Robertson Davis soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 20 17:13:52 PDT 2005

I too found Later On to be mostly a let down (especially if one judges an album by its cover), though it does have a couple cool tracks, specifically "Jessica" and "The Janitor", though the former was bogged down on the CD by some bad digital gurgle. Oh Jandek, why'd you have to remaster those albums yourself?
 Chair Beside a Window is the best of Jandek's first lot of albums (from RFTH to Your Turn to Fall). It's got the best version of "European Jewel", the ghost story "Down in a Mirror", the ultimate distillation of the blues in "Poor Boy", and of course, "Nancy Sings", a song that will probably always give me goosebumps. Side two gets a little samey, and "You Think You Know How to Score" is really tough going, but overall it's solid.
Sharif Mansour <stampid.mouse at gmail.com> wrote:

Phil Hartwell mentioned "Later On" and I have to admit, I was really
into Jandek before I listened to it, but I started laughing when I
heard "Your Condition". If there were a track I would point out as
evidence that Jandek is a giant put-on, I'd need that track. I swear I
played the same tune when I was 6 and I got my first toy harmonica.
This track seem silly, at least initially to anyone?

Put My Dream on This Planet... not good jogging music, for sure. I
just got it, and only listened to the first track so far. It's pretty
in a way... it's a little comforting to know that Jandek did this sort
of thing. It probably would have been painful had someone else decided
to make a 30-minute long answering machine message to God. Come to
think of it, I loved it. I understand a lot of folks don't like to
listen to it, but if my listening arrangements were more practical, I
would listen to it a lot I imagine.


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