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John Eastridge johneastridge at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 17 09:00:01 PDT 2005

this is an awesome idea. i would be down for helping out in any way if you 
actually want to do this.


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>I have an idea; i think The Residents did somthing similar
>Lock 5 maybe up to 10 people in a house, They can't leave for the duration 
>of every Jandek record which (so far) up to When I Took That Train is 28 
>hours 32 minutes (they're all copied to my computer...i didnt work this 
>out.) which will be played on loud speakers through out the house. Of 
>course; every "housemate" doesnt know anything about Jandek. In the house 
>(we'll call it "The House") would be everyday people like a school teacher, 
>cab driver, classical music conductor, tramp, dumb blonde, plastic pop star 
>wanabee and so on. People can leave, but they wont get part of the cash 
>prize at the end.
>The footage would be cut up and made into a documentary. I think it would 
>be interesting to hear unaware people's take on every record, from start to 
>finish. (maybe a short film for each album?)
>the doc could be called "Hilltop Serenade"
>Just a thought.
>Whatever you Wanadoo:
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