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I have an idea; i think The Residents did somthing similar
Lock 5 maybe up to 10 people in a house, They can't leave for the duration of every Jandek record which (so far) up to When I Took That Train is 28 hours 32 minutes (they're all copied to my computer...i didnt work this out.) which will be played on loud speakers through out the house. Of course; every "housemate" doesnt know anything about Jandek. In the house (we'll call it "The House") would be everyday people like a school teacher, cab driver, classical music conductor, tramp, dumb blonde, plastic pop star wanabee and so on. People can leave, but they wont get part of the cash prize at the end.
The footage would be cut up and made into a documentary. I think it would be interesting to hear unaware people's take on every record, from start to finish. (maybe a short film for each album?)
the doc could be called "Hilltop Serenade"
Just a thought.


Whatever you Wanadoo:

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