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A couple weeks ago, I sent a copy of an LP I released last year (Jeff Fuccillo with John Fahey, "Disturbed Strings") to Corwood Industries. Byron Coley had reviewed it in Arthur & noted Jandek's influence, among others, on Fuccillo's playing, and I was curious to see what Jandek's reaction to it would be. I got a package from him today that included a full-page letter of his comments on the record (or, more accurately, his thoughts on the stylistic comparison), a mention of his own contact with Fahey ("We received communication from John Fahey some 10 years ago or more. He sent "The Legend Of Blind Joe Death" along with personal correspondence..."), and responded to a question I had about the possible release of the most recent live gigs ("The 90 minute running times may well constitute double albums. We're not sure."). And he included copies of "When I Took That Train" and "Glasgow Sunday." It was a nice surprise to find in my mailbox this morning (if there's any representatives from Corwood Industries on this list -- thank you!).
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