[Jandek] Swampful of Jandek

aerick duckhugger agentduckhugger at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 15 08:42:02 PDT 2005

Swamp Full of Jandek IS crap?... Rather should be... Swamp Full of Jandek 
WAS crap... seeing that it was a holiday special of my KAOS radio program 
that I did back in November of 2004. There was an archive up for awhile.. 
but it's down now.

I'm itching to hear the details as to what earns it Roscoe's distinction of 
"crap" as well, eh? I mean.. hell.. I can come to my own conclusions for 
sure... It was a messy... noisy... psychotic... probably the kind of thing 
that would turn the stomach of anyone on here who likes to regularly throw 
out oh so serious statements about Jandek being a genuine blues musician or 

But hell.. Jandek is weird and awkward and noisy and jangly and fucked up 
and wonderful.... I figured that it would be an interesting effect to smash 
everything of Jandek's that I had into one big quivering bloody pulp and see 
what the results were... stare at it's mangled carcass on the train tracks 
and poke at it.

Personally I was pleased with the results... Roscoe wasn't... still wish 
he'd give more than just a dismissive "it's crap" statement to it n' all... 
ho hum... ho hi-di ho!!

Also, Matt.. what's all this shit about "hipsters" anyways? I don't let 
those foul rodents anywhere near my radio show!! Any hipsters try crawling 
their smarmy vermin hides into my radio show, I pick up my ol' tar shovel 
and fend 'em off while hollering... "back ye' fuck'rs!! More lottery for 
less twine!!"

Cock Tapestries,
Aerick "aSMm" Duckhugger

P.S. - I'm likely doing another Swamp Full of Jandek holiday special for 
Jandek Day 2005!! So stay tuned to the Super Secret Lodge Show for more 
crap!! Yee haw!!

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