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Why do reviewers always leave out the standard-tuned, normal progression albums when they describe Jandek's sound? Is it because mentioning it throws a monkey wrench into the whole "creepy loner with an out of tune guitar" mystique by proving he had friends and (at least for a time) a desire to play conventional music? I guess the weird outsider mystique is what "sells" Jandek, but I must admit that the vast majority of the Jandek albums I come back to are from this "in-tune" period: Blue Corpse, You Walk Alone, and parts of Follow Your Footsteps, the Living End, Somebody in the Snow, On the Way, One Foot in the North, and Lost Cause. Of course, music's subjective, but has anyone listened to White Box Requiem more than a handful of times? I'd believe you if you have, but man, that's intense. 
Craig Stewart <craig at sxsw.com> wrote:
Great review of the nw live album here in today's Austin daily:


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