[Jandek] Jandek vs. The Stones?

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>> That doesn't change the fact that Beefheart was playing blues
>> before the
>> Stones had any impact in the US, and playing them much better than
>> the
>> Rolling Stones, who really weren't much of a blues group until the
>> late 60s.
>> Their first American hit was a cover of a Buddy Holly song that
>> had been
>> influenced by Bo Diddley. If the Rolling Stones can be considered
>> blues,
>> then you have to acknowledge that the US audience had been
>> familiar with
>> blues for a long time.
> Um, actually if you discount the "hit" and listen to the first two (three 
> American) Stones albums you'll hear a LOT of straight blues. "Confessin' 
> the Blues," "Little Red Rooster," "Down Home Girl," etc. The Rolling 
> Stones No. 2 (recorded largely in 63/64 PRIOR to the 65 Beef recording of 
> Diddy Wah Diddy - which is no more blues than "Not Fade Away") is a 
> terrific mostly blues album.  Not that I'd defend the Stones past 72, but 
> they did some good stuff in their day and deserve some cred.  Beef does as 
> well.

They did some good stuff, but I wouldn't say they were especially strong as 
a blues band. Little Red Rooster is the high point in that respect, but most 
of their material was R&B or pop/rock. Heart of Stone, Off The Hook, Time Is 
On My Side,  Empty Heart, Walkin The Dog, You Better Move On, etc.

As for Beefheart as a blues artist, there's a 1966 live tape where they do 
several straight blues covers with a feel the Rolling Stones never had. 
(Which might come down to the vocalists of the two bands.)

> Also I would contend that the Stones were moving more AWAY from the blues 
> by the late 60's. Not that there aren't plenty of blues on those later 
> recs, but the band (as influenced more by Brian Jones before Mick and Keef 
> took the band over starting with Out of Their Heads) DID start as a blues 
> based band.  Listen for yourself to the evidence.

I'd say Exile was more blues than their early records.

>Judging by Jandek's Animals-ish cover of "House of the Rising Son"

If you mean the track on Blue Corpse, it's neither Animals-ish, nor a cover, 
though it does reference the earlier song. (Not necessarily the Animals 
version, though it'd be surprising if he wasn't familiar with it.)

>I have to believe he was into the more blues based British invasion (Paul 
>Butterfield, Stones, Yardbirds, lots of garage stuff).

The best garage stuff was American, as was Paul Butterfield. Remember, 
Jandek's from Texas, which has very strong traditions in both blues and 
garage bands.

>I also think he stumbled into some of the ESP stuff like the Godz (LISTEN 
>to that first damn album)

It's good to see someone else is a fan of The Godz.  One of my better 
moments was playing claves (and meowing on White Cat Heat) behind Jim 
McCarty at a party about 10 years ago.

 and Holy Modal Rounders as well as "Decals" era Beefheart and pops up 
somewhere in the middle of that as his own man.

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