[Jandek] Where can I find Jandek records in Belgium?

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Mon Jun 6 06:50:37 PDT 2005

I don't think we're really in disagreement here.
I wasn't saying your points were untrue, just that then, as today, the vast  
majority of record buyers and radio listeners are those that really  don't 
understand or have much knowledge of what they are buying or listening to.  My 
comparing the sales of bands wasn't meant to devalue the importance of anyone  
but to indicate the overall popularity to the general public. Blues was  known 
to all and popular to many really into music but was not very popular in  the 
young white population overall that bought most of the records. Led Zepplin  
was very popular later, as you said, but kept this sound\structure out there  
with their many covers (without attribution).
I don't think that what those UK bands did made the Blues more popular back  
then to the US population because, as I said, we didn't know it was the blues. 
 Later as we baby boomers got older and wiser we became aware of the history 
of  "rock music" and these great old blues guys largely through the efforts of 
real  music lovers who put out lots of information, documentaries etc. Many 
of the old  blues artists, dead or alive,  are selling more now than they ever 
did.  Many of the old  blues guys still around openly acknowledge this.
I never meant to say that The UK bands reinvented it, only that they made  it 
much more popular in the US, even though most didn't really recognize it as  
the blues.
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