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I think I understand your point Jakob, maybe it is the music I generally listen too and the gigs that I normally attend that affected my viewpoint. I don't like to view artists as superior people, they are just normal dudes with a bit of talent... There was no reason why you should have been intimidated to talk to Jandek at the train station, hell, you could have bought him a beer and maybe had a pleasant train journey chatting with him and learning more about him as a person!
Anyways, it is good to hear that you had good times over in this Country :)

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	I am very happy to have had the oppurtunity to see the two jandek shows in UK, as well as keiji Haino, Chalremagne palestine, Kazou Imai and all the others, and I feel really sorry for those who wanted to go, but couldnt or decidet it wasnīt worth it. Airline tickets from sweden to glasgow are really cheap about $45 return, otherwise weīve might not have seen the shows. In newcastle I lived in a caravan site with my friend, we ate almost nothing, and slept quite bad. Our tent broke down, but we borrowed another one. Both of us catched a cold, but it was woth all the trouble. 
	The sunday show was fantastic, I was really afraid of Jandek, ecpecially when he sung the song when he kills you. "Are you ready to meet a man thatīs prepared to die?". The drummer was really fantastic, and he looked a bit like a younger jandek. The first song was also eccelent, as well as the last one. I read in an earlier mail someone posted here that this person and his friend were to see Jandek, and that the friend really hated the show, but he dindīt hate it in that he was bored, or that the music was crap, it seemed more like he was afraid, and I see that as a positive reaction! Affection is always good. 
	Me and my friend left the caravan site early the next morning, to catch a train to glasgow that was supposed to leave 07:41 in the morning (we only bought tichet for a few stations, and then remained in our seats, because the tickets wewe really expensive. We did the same when we went to necastle from glasgow). When we came to the station Jandek was sitting there alone in black hat and black clothes, waiting for the train. It was quite unpleasant to see him that close in the flesh. I didnīt want to talk to him, because I dontīthink he would have liked it, but I bowed my head and said "Thank you, Ill see you tonight". 
	We went to CCA, and saw the shows. Jandek was fantastic, as well as keiji Haino. When haino was finished, we went home, the Haino show was so emotionally strong that we couldnīt do anything else that evening, so we skipped My cat is an alien. But as I said I am very grateful to have seen these shows. And I honestly donīt understand steve, who walks away from the Jandek show at CCA, just because people are silent during a show. In newcastle there were time for applause, in glasgow, there werenīt. Itīs a huge difference between a boring academic show, and one that captures the audience so much that they feel it like a dishonour to interrupt the feelings with applause. Itīs not us that are dry and boring, Itīs you steve, who are unable to accept something thatīs not relaxed friendly in a classical 'rock' way. I really cant explain this too god in english anyway, but maybe you understand, a little.
	/Jakob Sandberg, sweden


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