[Jandek] Where can I find Jandek records in Belgium?

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Sun Jun 5 12:40:37 PDT 2005

It's true that there were some bands doing some blues or blues influenced  
material before the Stones came but you had to go out and find them. The Stones, 
 Zepplin and the Yardbirds and others from over there made the sound super  
popular over here to the mainstream youth (white) market, most of whom had 
never  heard it befor and didn't even know what it was.. It is almost impossible 
to say  that the Blues wasn't re imported to our side by those guy's. The only 
reason  that the big blues guys even went over there was because they couldn't 
make a  living here. The Rolling Stones already had 3 or 4 albums out before 
Capt  Beefheart released their first one and I'd be willing to bet that those 
3 or  four outsold all of Capt. Beefheart albums ever released by 3 or 4 times.
It should be noted that it was sold to us as Rock and only the music crowd  
knew it as blues music. The real story is only now becoming widely known.
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