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On that subject, I like to see "Jandek" as some sort of musical entity,
call it a "band" or a "collective" or a "project" if you will, but not just a person. So who plays on Blue Corpse? How many musicians? I think that's not the point. The point is: the music comes from that "Jandek" entity, and weither it's Sterling and Eddie (or Paul or Ringo....) or just one guy alone, the idea is that the music IS. The players, in a sense, disapear behind the name, as if it was produced by ghosts, or by an anonymous group of persons on an unmarked tape found in a basement.
And that is what makes Jandek's music fascinating. We could know everything about "Mr. Smith", from his marital status to his favorite drink, there would still be that part of mystery in the music.
(Sorry if I'm not very clear, english is not my first language!)
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