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Kip Shepherd kipshepherd at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 31 07:05:33 PDT 2005

>The whole thing rather reminds me of a band called The Memphis Goons - who
>were a group of teenagers who created hundreds of fabulous garage rock 
>in, you guessed it, their parents garage, before breaking up after
>graduation (one of the members ended up writing for Creem). Some of the
>recordings were released 25 or so years later on a CD entitled 'Teenage
>BBQ' - well worth getting.

You can order some goons from here: 

Robot A. Hull was the Creem writer.  The Goons still play together 
occasionally.  There was a good history of the Goons on the web but I can't 
find it now.

There are rumored to be hundreds of hours of tapes.  Yow.  They would write 
a song, record it and go on the next one.


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