[Jandek] Re: The Skinn Boys/Jandek skrewdriver covers setlist

Richard Rees Jones richard.rees-jones at ntlworld.com
Mon Jul 25 12:03:23 PDT 2005

At 5:24 PM -0700 24/7/05, Ross Em wrote:

Thats all.  Call me ultra pc.  Call me a dick, but I just love jandek 
and I hate racism, whether thats socially acceptable, nice cute sexy 
racism or balls out nasty football hooligan/ Mohammed Ali racism I 
hate it fucking all.

I hate racism too.  No sane, sensible person doesn't.  But the point 
is that your diatribe against the 'Jandek bin Laden' post was 
unjustified, because the joke was not racist nor anti-Muslim.  If 
anything, it was anti-bin Laden and anti-al-Qaida.  And what, pray, 
is wrong with that?


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